AlgoSol has almost 30 years of experience in designing state-of-the-art algorithms.


We base our work on fundamental research and have ongoing working relationships with renowned scientists.


Our algorithms are elegantly designed and provide optimal solutions as well as goal-oriented heuristics.

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  • Algorithmic Solutions & Optimization

    After a thorough analysis of a specific problem we come up with theoretical and practical algorithmic solutions. In case optimization goals have been set, we analyze the constraints to be met and we make sure that our solutions calculate the optimum or - when indicated - a good approximation thereof, with all requirements taken into account.
  • Data Analysis & Data Structures

    We find out what kind of requested or interesting information is hidden in a given collection of data, which conclusions can be drawn and which questions can be answered by analyzing your data. If required, we advise you how to organize your data in a way that supports efficient calculations, analyses and problem solutions and how to implement such functionality.
  • Network Algorithms & Geometric Computing

    Given our history and roots, network algorithms and geometric computing have always been and still remain at the core of our work. If you need help in the context of any type of efficient data handling, such as graph and network algorithms, geometric computing, or precise calculations.